Cobra Law gives former employees or dependents of employees the right to continue to receive health insurance under their employer’s health plan(s) if employment is terminated as a result of certain events. COBRA law is very specific, and lays out explicit requirements with which employers must comply, including the length of coverage required if a former employee elects to continue benefits.

ABA will help businesses navigate the tricky COBRA terrain and carefully asumes the administration of insurance continuation on a business’s behalf, relieving staff stress, endless paperwork and COBRA confusion and frustration.


It drains internal resources. By outsourcing COBRA administration to ABA, your business can get back to business as usual. Compliance is critical. Legal and regulatory issues involving COBRA are complex and stringent, and the fines and penalties for noncompliance can be enormous. Remember, COBRA isn’t a benefit, it’s a law—compliance is vital. Cost. ABA is efficient and effective. As a result, third-party COBRA administration can often be less expensive than similar in-house efforts. Distance. ABA can serve as a friendly but knowledgeable third-party buffer between terminated employees and a company.


ABA’s staff has the knowledge and technology to track and administer your business’s COBRA plans, eliminating the typical burdens, frustrations, and worries about compliance usually associated with this complex, time-consuming benefits package. ABA is involved with you and your employees through the complete process