Welcome to American Benefit Administrators Health Savings Account Resource Page for Medical Association.

Here you will find pertinent information to the new Health Savings account Program being administered by American Benefit administrators on behalf of the Medical Association. You will find useful information on the benefits of offering and participating in the new HSA Program.

If you have any questions, please contact Blaine Minton at 866.742.4900 or Blaine@americanbenefitadministrators.com.

Employer/Physician Office Information

Why Offer a Health Savings Account
New Office Implementation Forms:
New Client Checklist
Employer Adoption Agreement
Online Access

Employee/Participant Information

Benefits of Participating in a Health Savings Account
HSA Tax Savings Calculator
HSA Tax Savings Calculator Instructions
New Participant Enrollment Form
Participant Welcome Kit
Online Access
HDHP Plan Overview
Other Insurance